The Conran Shop - Ticketing & Signage

While working at the Conran shop, I was heavily involved with the rebrand of ticketing and signage for the stores. These tickets that were created below were made to work harmoniously with the departments and their surrounding while boosting sales of those products. With a clean and easy to read layout, and using the classic font Futura. Photography created with the help of Bruno Rondinelli -

A6 ticket layout for Furniture - used for single items or two items together 
A5 ticket  layout for Furniture - used for either a family of items or 3/ 4 products on a page 
Selection of A6 and A5 tickets 
Black A5 and A6 tickets used mostly for special products and lighting 
 A6 Bed Linen Ticket layout 
A5 layout for Bath & Fragrance, on pink paper to match the department 
A6 layout for Fine Dining - printed white on blue
A6 layout for General & Gifts

A6 layout for Fine Dining - printed white on blue
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